Bike Club

At Ciclolodge all activities are to hand.


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As we’re cycling mad, we offer you a series of downloads of our routes from Ciclolodge. Don’t wait for someone to tell you about them, experience all the routes in the North Sierra yourself.

We invite you to join the grupeta that starts from Ciclolodge club. We organise guided routes and regular runs for road and mountain bikes.

We know that cycling isn’t everything: we also offer running, trail-running, cross-country skiing and ski mountaineering, trekking in the sierra and by the lake, as well as a long list of outdoor activities.


In Ciclolodge we offer you the opportunity to try different models of LOBITO ebikes.

This may be the first time you try e-MTB, or it may be for intensive use high in the mountains. You choose.

And if you’d like to buy one, ask about our discounts. We offer you a full range of facilities.

  • Cost per hour

    Model MT1 35€/h
    Model CP1 25€/h

  • Cost per day

    Model MT1 60€/day
    Model CP1 45€/day

* es necesario reservar tu e-MTB con antelación

E-bike reservation


Ciclo bike club cap20€
Ciclo bike club jersey60€
Ciclo bike club shorts70€
Ciclo t-shirt18€
Ciclo cushion20€
Ciclo mug9,90€
Cyclist coffee9,90€
Ciclo + Coffee mug pack14,90€
Retrocycle cap25€

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